Are you a photographer feeling left out in the cold after Flothemes’ recent acquisition by Pixieset?

With Flothemes discontinuing future support for its themes and no updates planned for their popular “Pronto” theme, it’s time to explore new horizons.

Look no further than Kadence, the rising star in the theme framework universe, specifically designed to meet the needs of photographers like you.

Why Photographers Are Leaving Flothemes

While Flothemes once held a special place in the photographer’s toolbox, its recent acquisition by Pixieset has left many users feeling uncertain and frustrated. Here’s why photographers are moving on from Flothemes:

  • No Future Support: With the acquisition, Flothemes has declared its intention to discontinue future support for their themes. This means no new features, no bug fixes, and no updates to keep up with the ever-evolving online landscape.
  • Frozen in Time: The popular “Pronto” theme, beloved by many photographers, is stuck in time with no future updates planned. This leaves users vulnerable to security breaches and compatibility issues as technology evolves.
  • Limited Design Flexibility: Flothemes offered a fixed set of templates with limited customization options. This stifled creativity and made it difficult to create a truly unique website that reflected individual brand identities.
  • High Price Tag: Flothemes subscriptions were notoriously expensive, especially for photographers starting their businesses. This made it a less accessible platform for many aspiring creatives.

Kadence: The Best Flothemes Alternative for Photographers

Kadence offers a powerful and flexible alternative to Flothemes with several key advantages:

  • Complete Design Freedom: Built on the Gutenberg block editor, Kadence grants you complete control over your website’s design. Add, remove, and customize blocks to create a unique masterpiece that reflects your brand and artistic vision.
  • Performance Optimized: Kadence prioritizes speed and performance, ensuring your website loads quickly and delivers a smooth user experience. This is crucial for photographers who want to showcase their work flawlessly.
  • Feature-Rich for Photographers: Kadence comes pre-equipped with features photographers love, including built-in galleries, portfolio layouts, and image optimization tools. This eliminates the need for additional plugins and simplifies website creation.
  • Thriving Community: Kadence boasts a vibrant community of developers and users always ready to help and answer questions. Find solutions and support whenever you need them.
  • Affordable and Scalable: Kadence’s freemium model makes it accessible to photographers of all budgets. Upgrade to a premium plan for even more features and functionality as your business grows.

Kreative Avenue Designs: Your Partner in Kadence Success

At Kreative Avenue Designs, we specialize in crafting stunning Kadence child themes specifically designed for photographers. Our themes are easy to use, fully customizable, and packed with features to showcase your work and attract new clients.

Here’s why photographers choose Kreative Avenue Designs for their Kadence child themes:

  • Unforgettable Designs: Our unique and eye-catching themes help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.
  • Effortless Customization: Our themes are designed for ease of use, even for beginners. Customize them to perfectly match your brand and style.
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly: We ensure all our themes are responsive and mobile-friendly, so your website looks amazing on any device.
  • SEO Optimized: Our themes are optimized for search engines, helping your website rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic.

Flothemes may be closing its doors on photographers, but a new world of possibilities awaits you with Kadence.

Embrace the future with a platform that prioritizes your needs and offers the flexibility and power you deserve.

Visit Our Kadence Store today and discover stunning Kadence child themes that will help you build the website of your dreams.

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