If you are a photographer who uses WordPress to create your website, you may have heard of Flothemes, a popular theme provider that offers beautiful and responsive templates for photographers. You may even be using one of their themes right now.

But did you know that Flothemes has recently been acquired by Pixieset, a platform that offers client galleries, websites, and online stores for photographers? If you are a Flothemes user, you may be wondering what this means for your website and your business.

In this blog post, we will explain why you should switch from Flothemes to Kadence, a WordPress theme that is fast, flexible, and easy to use. We will also show you how to switch from Flothemes to Kadence in a few simple steps, without losing your content, SEO, or domain name.

What’s happening with Flothemes and Pixieset?

Flothemes announced in July 2021 that they are joining the Pixieset family , a move that they claim will bring more benefits and features to their customers.

However, some Flothemes users may be concerned about the future of their websites, as Pixieset has its own website builder that competes with Flothemes.

Flothemes has assured its users that nothing will change for them in terms of support and updates, but they have not revealed any details about their roadmap or how their products will integrate with Pixieset’s platform.

This may leave some Flothemes users feeling uncertain and frustrated, especially if they are looking for more customization, flexibility, and performance from their websites.

Moreover, Flothemes has recently announced that they are closing their store and no longer releasing new updates for their products. This means that Flothemes users will not be able to purchase new themes or get new features or bug fixes for their existing themes. Flothemes has extended their subscriptions for free for the next year, but after that, they will not provide any support or updates for their products.

This means that Flothemes users will have to either stick with their outdated and unsupported themes, or switch to a new theme provider that can offer them better service and quality.

Why you should switch from Flothemes to Kadence

If you are a Flothemes user who is unhappy with the acquisition or looking for a better alternative, you should consider switching to Kadence, a WordPress theme that is designed specifically for photographers and other creative professionals.

Kadence is more than just a theme, it’s a complete solution for creating stunning and functional websites that reflect your style and personality. With Kadence, you can easily customize every aspect of your website, from the header and footer, to the fonts and colors, to the layouts and galleries, to the contact forms and testimonials.

Kadence is also fully responsive, SEO-friendly, and compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce and Elementor. Whether you want to sell your services, products, or courses, Kadence has everything you need to make your photography business shine.

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How to switch from Flothemes to Kadence

Switching from Flothemes to Kadence is easy and hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about losing your content, SEO, or domain name. Here are the steps to switch from Flothemes to Kadence:

Step 1: Choose your favorite template from my Shop. You can browse by category, style, or feature. Make sure to Install the FREE Kadence theme and the FREE Kadence Blocks Plugin

Step 2: Customize your website with your own content, images, and branding.

Step 3: Enjoy your new website and get ready to impress your clients.

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